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“One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life, and dedicate ourselves to that.”    – Joseph Campbell

Human beings are considered to be the most sensible and intellectual creatures living on the planet. But how can we call ourselves humans while we don’t possess or show humanity?
We are so desperate to live a lavish and sophisticated life that we aren’t even letting other creatures to live. We are spending billions to go to Mars. But don’t have enough money for those who are dying because of hunger and starvation in front of our eyes. We are referring ourselves to be human beings but we aren’t being human. We are spending a tremendous amount of time and money for destruction by manufacturing lethal nuclear weapons. But we don’t even spend 10% of it for nature conservation. We constantly talk about justice and still here thousands of cases on rape and murder every day, don’t we?

We post on social media writing about various issues using various hashtags(#) but humanity is there, is only limited on social media for getting numbers of likes and attention. In real life, there is a vast contrast between their social media personality and their real-life persona. Only doing social work on camera and ignoring others without it has become a fashion nowadays for publicity. We should take inspiration from those heroes who work tirelessly for the benefit of others, others I mean to say not only humans but also other animals and nature.

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We are so lost in our selfish needs we aren’t thinking about the nature of nature conservation and even the life striving in it including our own species.

We talk of nature conservation. The question arises that is it really possible to conserve it by building factories that pollute it?

We talked about peace and humanity. Is it really possible to build or building peace and tranquility by building bombs and destructive weapons?

We talked about the termination of racism. Can we really terminate racism by symbolizing white as peace and black as bad luck?

We are always craving for justice. But are we really giving justice by killing 200 million animals per day?

We are talking about elevation or elevating hunger and poverty. But can we really end poverty by being selfish and inhuman?Aren’t these questions intimidating enough to question humanity and make ourselves to think?
There is no cure for lack of humanity unless we acknowledge who we are what the purpose of creation was and what happens after death. Respecting and helping others is the way forward in pilling up good deeds towards humanity. 

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama

Helping needy people may not change this whole world, but it could change the world of that one person fo sure.  For fostering humanity we don’t need a hefty Bank account or abundance of posetions in life. All you need is a compassionate heart and willingness to serve and should tend to believe that an individual effort and contribution can really make a difference to impact lives and nature.

Soldier Giving Red Fruit on 2 Children during Daytime

pic of a soldier giving fruit to a young boy. such insignificant but warm gestures can help humanity have real meaning.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Each man is haunted without humanity“–William Blake.

A person’s existence is radially worthless without humanity because it is only such an asset that can bring a smile on the faces, shining in the eyes and happiness in the world.
1. The biggest reason for humans lacking humanity is selfishness. We are living in a time where we only perform tasks or work favorable for us, and we don’t even evaluate what kind of impact it creates on others. We recently heard about elephant death in South India. But did you know 200 million of terrestrial animals are killed every day to satisfy human consumption? More than 42 million trees are cut down every day which has led to catastrophic consequences. The selfishness of human beings has led the world humanity to exist only in the dictionary.
2. Another aspect or reason of loss of humanity is fighting and war for ill-logical ideologies. People fight in the name of religion like Hinduism, Buddhism Christianity, etc. While every religion preaches to have humanity. We are fighting in the name of caste power and superiority this has led to questioning humanity and humans practices and ideologies.
3.Greed is another major aspect that kills humanity. Did you know we produce food 1.5 times more than we require? But still, more than 800 million people suffer due to lack of food, every 2 minutes a person dies due to lack of food or starvation. We are so obsessed with our greed that we don’t condition to believe that the position obtained from greed does not last long.

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4. Another major cause of inhumanity is destruction. Did you know the world has already lost 80% of its forests? And we are continuously losing them at the rate of 375 square kilometers per day. It seems we have no faith in each other and living in harmony has become a myth in many places. Kashmir one of the most beautiful or the most beautiful place in India is war-torn. Now whom to blame? I know we can do very little about that situation but surely can do small but essential things and deeds that affect our surroundings for sure. 
Aren’t some of these facts intimidating enough to question humanity and introspect our doings?

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Humans are also suffering due to their own mishaps. The current situation of COVID-19 pandemic and all-natural destruction prove that we the human beings aren’t the supreme creatures and there is nothing to feel egoistic about. It also proves that a human being’s existence is totally impossible without humanity and without protecting nature, there is no planet B. We are interdependent on nature and it’s resources we should not forget that surely.

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During bad circumstances, which is the human inheritance, you must decide not to be reduced. You have your humanity, and you must not allow anything to reduce that. We are obliged to know we are global citizens. Disasters remind us we are world citizens, whether we like it or not.” – Maya Angelou

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How Feminism Paved the Way for Transgenderism - Quillette


First, let us remind ourselves what is the real meaning or ideology of feminism.The main ideology of feminism is gender equality and not the superiority of women or any gender.

Person Wearing Black T-Shirt

Not all men hate feminism and not all women are feminists.

True feminists respect all individuals and do not have any double standards of judging any person be the person of any gender any religion or any social or political standards and whose belief in gender equality is of utmost priority. In the word “Equal Rights”, equal comes before rights. So a woman’s love for nice dresses or for high heel shoes or any fancy dress or desire does not make her any less of a feminist unless she uses it against the real true meaning of it and for wrong intentions.

“Feminism is not about being one thing or the other it’s about having a choice of being   anything without any discrimination of any kind.” 

As all well-suited men are not gentlemen similarly, all so-called feminists are not feminists. Do not ever generalize ‘femininity’ with ‘feminism’ or ‘masculinity’ with ‘anti-feminism’. A person who ought to fight or stand for equality is feminist, be it of any sex.

The age-old debate between gender disparity between males and females is still going on the recent trend goes on saying every man is a rapist, creep, stalker, murderer, and so on who intent to assaulting women all the time. Which mirrorises men as monsters and predators which is not true most of the time.

Women have indeed been a victim of many social misogynies and unjust behavior by the male gender for many decades. But now it’s not right to male bash all the time and generalizes men as monsters who always thinks to pounce on and destroy women. It is the time to reflect and change the age-old ideologies of males’ priority/dominance and bring and implement the rightful ideology of equality at every section of our society.Many men fought and stood for women’s rights and equalities be it Raja Ram Mohan Roy to Rabindranath Tagore to Manockjee Cursetjee to Jyoti Rao Phule to Dr. BR Ambedkar and so on. Many men are feminists along with women and they are proud to be so. 

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In the word “equal rights” equality comes before rights. Feminism is not about being one thing or the other it’s about having a choice of being anything without any discrimination.

Some signs that show pseudo-feminism are when they generalize and say ‘all men are dogs’ and say it is just a joke, but they only say never call a woman ‘bitch’. Both are wrong and sexist jokes and who ever says it must be corrected then and there.Let us take the time to think critically about the system we rely on as a society and realise the full spectrum of womanhood in its various hues.

Many women are guilty of holding men to stereotypes which is just as bad as the ones they hold us to. Though men are not victims of many years of gender domination, men are definitely struggling with this too. When men no longer feel the need to prove superiority with their physicality, women will no longer feel the need to prove their passiveness. As women who see themselves as less of a man because you show them respect have no self-respect for themselves. Those men who don’t agree with your appreciation of the female sex more than likely spend most of their time demeaning women than sleeping with them. Feminists are those who believe that women’s sex actions are above criticism and can always be executed because of discrimination they suffered, therefore, they never take responsibility for their behavior they are complacent to such behavior and those deep women are actually known as pseudo-feminists.

We as individuals need to introspect and analyze what is right and what is wrong. For me, personally, Feminism is the way but not pseudo-feminism. It is pseudo-feminism which ruins and destroys the whole point of feminism. (WHAT DO YOU THINK? COMMENT DOWN BELOW)

we know all we know that our society is not perfect but perfection comes with practice and starting to respect and give women their deserving equal chance will at least initiate a move towards an equal society surely if not perfect society.






Indian State Court Ordered To Ban TikTok - iGadgetware- Get Social ...

Is it so simple that by deleting tik tok or other Chinese apps or by boycotting Chinese goods we can disrupt or pressurized the Chinese government in any way that affects its economy (import or export)? 

Can India’s Wallet Power Beat China’s Bullet Power?

Before starting here are some economical differences between India and China that you might need to know above all.

Are People Rejecting Me or God? | Godly Inspiration


These are few of India’s and china’s Economic international rankings in various world economic categories:

  • Government budget:                                         India- 10th  ; China –2nd 
  • Ease of doing business 2020:                         India- 63rd ; China –31st 
  • Global competitiveness report 2019:            India- 68th ; China –28th
  • Global innovation index 2019:                       India- 52nd ; China – 14th
  • Import ranking 2020:                                      India- 11th  ;  China – 2nd
  • Export ranking 2020:                                       India- 18th ; China – 1st 
  • Nominal GDP ranking 2020:                          India- 5th   ;  China – 2nd
  • PPP(Purchase Power Parity) GDP:                India- 3rd  ; China – 1st

Seeing these results we can somewhere analyze where we are lagging economically and need to improve the stats by working from ground zero.

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Chinese export is only 3%. By this fact itself we can clearly see China is nowhere dependent on India on its economical profit but on the other hand, if we see India is somewhere directly or indirectly dependent on Chinese goods as India’s largest import destination is China which stands $70 Billion. Also, China is the third-largest export destination for India of about $16.7 Billion.If by any chance, China retaliates its trade and boycott India, then 67% of drug import (medical or other purposes) and 60% electronic import market will get affected. Many businesses in our country will suffer massively and also there is the risk of losing the lives of people due to the unavailability of medical drugs.

Some people rejecting vaccination for religious reasons changed ...

China’s GDP is 5 times more than India as reported in 2019. You cannot deny the fact that the most successful brand of smartphones or electronic gadgets used in India is Chinese due to its cheap price and availability. It is almost impossible to find a phone whose total or any internal part manufactured is not Chinese.Did you know, according to a report Chinese technology has invested around $4 Billion into Indian startups also the report reports 18 of India’s 30 unicorns are Chinese funded. But the investment should have been made by the Indian government through its schemes like Make in India, Startup India or Digital India but we all know that all these ideas were a flop and failed to deliver its cause.
we need to substitute imported goods with quality local goods.

The initial step we can initialise to stop relying on Chinese goods slowly is by disengaging and bringing down the $70 Billion import from China. As abrupt consumption drop might be a financial disaster for many local businesses. The imports cannot be directly banned, but slowly and steadily we should reduce the consumption of Chinese or any imported goods and support local goods.One thing nobody can deny, although we criticize Chinese goods and say use local goods, these are just for the sake of saying, but people buy and trust imported goods rather than trusting and using local goods. The local goods industry in India is mostly defamed and not trusted due to their poor quality and manufacturing of goods, by some companies, which do not satisfy the customer. If the quality of products is improved by the local companies then we can rely on them and gradually there will be a shift in the demand for local goods rather than imported goods. We need to assess why and what is the reason for the failure of our own startup programs by the government. We cannot deny the fact that China right now is in a superior position than ours. we should learn how to better ourselves and be an alternative to China and not be like China so that other international companies trust us and establish their companies in our country, which will definitely help us to boost our economy.

Even after so many years of independence, we still import weapons from outside. While China and the US manufacture their own weapons and export it to other countries providing them an economic boost in that sector. Our country, the country that makes its own rocket and has nuclear power, can’t we manufacture weapons and armories?

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The countries under WTO (World Trade organization) can not ban its market or trade from other partnering countries owing to the agreement with the WTO.

 Recently, India was supposed to get many companies that were leaving China due to the coronavirus pandemic to improve the economy and trade in our country. But what did we see, that the most beneficial countries here came out to be Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and just a few companies came to India.Instead of playing the blame game, it would be beneficial for us if we work on what we can do the best. By supporting small startups we can boost confidence among young and new entrepreneurs of any field to create something new and pathbreaking in their respective fields. In the long run, this boycott and all might give an initial drive but for a bigger cause, we need to fix ourselves first before pointing at others. I am not at all discouraging to stand against what is wrong, what is wrong is wrong and should be corrected.

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3348 km Of Boundary To Share, Why India And China Can Never Be At ...pic: a map showing LOC and LAC borders
The border between India and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is known as LOC and border between India and Chinese-occupied Ladakh is known as LAC. LOC is demarcated which means the border is clearly defined but LAC is not clearly defined. Both countries claim the border of LAC in different places and this difference in perception between the countries is the main reason of this current dispute.pic: Diagram showing the grey zone, Indian claim line, and Chinese claim line.The Blue area is the Indian territory and the red zone is the Chinese territory which is agreed by both the nations. But India recognizes blueline as a border and the Chinese recognize redline as its border as shown in the image above and the overlapping area is created between the claim lines is known as the Grey Zone that is referred to as an ADPA (Area of Differing Perception).
Grey area is a 10 km land near Pangong Lake. Previously the land was not clearly under either of the two nations. The area was only patrolled by the soldiers of both the nations. When the patrolling soldiers met on the way, they used to show the other flags of trespassing the border and told to return back causing small conflict between the soldiers.

In the previous few years, the conflict has arisen due to the increase in patrolling of the Indian army after upgrading their military weapons. But the conflict that is occurring now is more serious than any other regular clashes.

START OF THE CURRENT CONFLICT …The current conflict was started on 5th May 2020 and was first time reported by the economics times on 12th May 2020. This conflict is going around Pangong Lake which is about 130 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. Some pointed edges are protruding in the Pangong Lake and these edges are known as fingers of the lake. These fingers help to understand the border separation between the nations in that area.What is exactly going on at the Indo-China border in Ladakh,while ...pic: Map showing the fingers of the Pangong lakeIn the image, you can see the depiction of the fingers of Pangong lake. India claims LAC lies in the F8 area and Chinese claim LAC lies in the F2 area. The area between F2 and F8 is the grey zone on the map. The first incident of the current problem reportedly begun when a Chinese troop reached F5. The second conflict was reported between 10th and 11th May when Chinese troops reached the area till if F5 while patrolling in this area. It was the first incident when for the first time fistfight broke out between the troops of both the Nations and during the fight 11 soldiers got injured.

Pangong Tso Lake: the theatre of India-China LAC scuffles ...

pic: Pangong lake

The current intrusion is reported in three different areas namely Pangong Lake and Galwan river valley in Ladakh and Hot spring near the kong ka la pass.

India China LAC & International Border Discussions | Page 53 ...

The Chinese army has reportedly occupied and camped Posts between F4 and F8. Distance between F4 and F8 is about 8 km and the Chinese have already posted around 4000 to 5000 soldiers in that area. In reality, the Chinese troops occupied the grey area which the Indian claim to be inside the Indian border.

pic: Intrusion of the Chinese army in the Galwan valley can be clearly seenThe worst situation is in the Galway valley. Intrusion in that region by the Chinese has given a big disadvantage to the Indian soldiers, as they would get a height advantage against the Indian soldiers from above the valley top. Galwan valley is not in the grey area there is no difference in different perceptions between the two nations but the intrusion in Galwan valley can be stated as actual Chinese trespassing of the border and breaching their own claim line.Thread by @NavroopSingh_: Some desparate stuff to read between the ...pic: LAC border

The third region, hot spring region near kongka pass is said to breached only for pressurizing the Indian soldiers and diverting and distracting their focus. There is not much benefit that China will have in that region. Neither will they have much of land nor military benefits as in the case of Galwan river valley. Many military personals are criticizing the military actions of the Chinese and claimed this to be a loss of national pride. The government is being held questionable because of their difference in statement of the problems and diverting away from the real problem of losing the territory in the hands of the Chinese military.
REACTION OF INDIAN GOVERNMENT TOWARDS THE SITUATIONThe government has taken many stern measures of protecting its land and is now on talking terms with China to resolve the dispute without any further delay. There is no clear cut communication from the Indian government with its citizens about the entire situation.Many say it is a good idea of the Government of not sharing all information with the public as it might put pressure on the government. Also, we know if India loses out the land, the people will not spare the government as nowadays National sentiments in the people are much more.

India demands China to remove its troops, structures from Pangong ...

THEORY OF PEOPLE REGARDING WHY THIS IS HAPPENINGIs it really necessary for china in creating such a border dispute now and going against India knowing all of the Nations in the world is angry on china due to the havoc created due to the coronavirus?

 Some theories state, that it is just a distraction of the Chinese government of its people from the current pandemic of coronavirus and their economic fall due to it. Another theory explains that India’s construction of DSDB road on the borders of the Uttarakhand’s Li-pulekh area might give India a strategic boost towards its economy and China is opposing the idea and creating a diplomatic situation to stop the construction. These are just speculations and no one knows whether it is true or not.
The latest news suggests that 20 Indian soldiers have been martyred in a fight in the Galwan river valley. This is a very unfortunate and unwanted fight in these challenging times through which the world is facing. I hope the border tensions ease down and nothing too serious brake upon the relation between the two countries.If this geopolitical issue is not solved soon by both the nations, then there might be huge problem in the relations between the countries which are already in a great dispare due to COVID-19.

source credit: Dhruv Rathee youtube channel ;                                                                                                                Google




While the cases in India are peaking every day as we can see in the news. At least from another part of the world, there is some sort of positive news against the pandemic. 
Here we will discuss the announcement day when PM of New Zealand declared its nation COVID free and its policies for the betterment of its people and boost its economy.
On June 8, 2020, in Wellington, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern declared NewZealand a COVID free country in an official press conference. She mentioned that there are no active cases in New Zealand right now, they have tested almost 40000 people for 17 days before the announcement and none of the people had tested positive. She also said that there is no person admitted to the hospital for around 12 days and it has been 40 days since the last case of community transfer and 22 days since that person finish their self-isolation for COVID-19  before the day of declaration.So on the midnight of 8 June, 2020 NewZealand uplifted all coronavirus restrictions that were implemented. According to a study as of June 9, NewZealand had 1504 coronavirus cases and just 22 related deaths. The population of the country is nearly 5 million that went under full lockdown in late March to fight against this pandemic and safeguard its people from this virus.

Will New Zealand's COVID-19 Success Re-Elect Jacinda Ardern? | Timepic: Jacinda Ardern, the PM of NewZealand addressing the media 

PM Jacinda Ardern in the interview also said New Zealand is not immune to what is happening in the rest of the world. But unlike the rest of the world, they not only have protected the health of the new Zealanders but have a head start on their economic recovery. She requested and encourage the new Zealanders to revitalize the economy by supporting local businesses.When a reporter asked the PM what did she do when she got to know about their success against the virus (for the time being) PM Ardern humorously recalls the situation and said “I did a little dance”. The Director-General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield who was also addressing the media with the PM said,” I allowed myself a broad smile” on learning the victory against the virus. Life of the common people will return to normal but there will be border control and restrictions in place to avoid any further spread.New Zealand lockdown lifts: Businesses reopen — photos - Axiospic: people of Newzealand post lockdown PM said, “we are confident we have eliminated the transmission of the virus in NewZealand for now. But elimination is not a point in time it is a sustained effort”. She also stated that they might see coronavirus cases again. She stressed the word ‘again’, as she said that it is not a sign that they have failed but it is the reality of the virus.In April 2020 PM Ardern announced that she and all members of her government would take a 20% pay cut for six months to help the workers and the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep the citizen of her country motivated PM Ardern also did many Facebook live interactive sessions with its people.How New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Reacted to the ...pic: PM Ardern meeting the families of the victim of the christ church incident

“True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure – the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.― Robert McKee

This quote is apt for PM Ardern and her government as COVID-19 it is not the only victory that they had against such hard times. In March 2019, after the Christchurch event when 151 people were shot dead inside a Mosque by the terrorists. In just 10 days she changed the laws on the scale of weapons. She announced and implemented the law that NewZealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons and also band all assault rifles. Her management of such disaster situations with compassion and quick action garnered her praises from all over the globe. In 2020 she received a 59.5% positive rating in an opinion poll making her the most popular prime minister in New Zealand history. She and her government and also the people of NewZealand deserves applause for their win against these hard times and come out victorious ‘together’.


The victory of NewZealand does definitely tells us and more so teaches us that we also can fight this virus. It is the combined effort of the people and its government to stop the contamination of the virus.”Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.” – Pablo Picasso
The Indian government had implemented lockdown before much spread could happen but still, we see our curve of cases increasing day by day. The main reason for this is due to the sheer ignorance of the people and lack of proper management strategy and implementation by the government. We all know that although the government announced lockdown for the safety of the people, still the people would not follow it and come out of their homes although not necessary at all. The government also did not do much justice to the state of the migrant workers in our country.pic: Migrant workers after the lockdown has been removedWe know that our nation is labor or worker-driven country. Still, the government did not pay any heed to the problems faced by that section of people. Funds were collected from the people saying it will be for the people, but I  don’t see the funds being utilized for the good on such a scale in which the funds were being collected from the people. Although the lockdown has been uplifted due to the economic depression that our country is facing it is not doing good justification in doing good for the people. Instead, we can see the increase in cases all around the country. We can see people not maintaining social distancing and it seems that they have forgotten in what dire situation we currently are in. We can see people in the public vehicle how they just seem to ignore the social distancing norm.  So the wise decision at this time will be maintaining the social distancing and go out only and only if necessary and not for leisure for your own safety and safety of other people.”Try to be like the turtle – at ease in your own shell.” — Bill Copeland
Person Holding A Vaccinewe have to wait for the vaccine and hope for the best
Woman Holding A Poster With Anxiety
No one knows when this will be over, but one thing I believe is if we fight together we win together. So we need to keep our patience and hope for the good days as Mahatma Gandhi once said, “To lose patience is to lose the battle.” Slogan On Social Distancing

————————————————————————————-Woman Covering Her Face With Surgical MaskDon’t feel alone there is always someone for you if not with you





Cricket returns to the world stage after a long unwanted gap of three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. It kicks starts with three tests that will be played between the host as England and the visiting team as west indies. west indies boarded from Antigua on a chartered plane, paid for by the ECB, with 25 players and 11 training staff on 8 June and landed on English soil on 9 June. All the players and staff had to undergo mandatory COVID-19 tests before they could board for the tour. The test reported all the players and staff negative. After landing the windies cricketers are kept in self-isolation before they can resume their training procedure in a bio-secure environment at Old Trafford. The hotel in which the players will be staying will be adjacent to the stadium to avoid contamination and safeguard all the personals involved in the conduction of the tour safely. The tour is conducted by the agreement and approval of the UK government and as well as the national governments in the Caribbean. 

Initially, the tour was slated to begin on 3rd June but was postponed to 8 July. Previously the chosen venues were Oval, Lords, and Edgbaston. But after the change in schedule, the venues for the three tests are Ageas Bowl, Southampton, and Old Trafford, Manchester. The tour will be played for about seven weeks. The first match of the tour will take place from July 8 to July 12 in Southampton and the second and third test will be played from 16 to 20 July and 24 to 28 July respectively in Old Trafford. 

The West Indies will be lead by Jason Holder who stated “It is a new phase in the game”. With ICC coming up with restrictions like a ban on saliva and playing in the empty stadium, etc. as a health measure is just a small change that we are going to witness in the new phase of the game. Phil Simmons will be the head coach of the West Indies cricket team. 
pic: Phil Simmons, the head coach of West Indies
While 25 Cricketers had flown to England out of which 14 players are in the original squad and 11 are reserve players. While 25 players went on the tour 3 other players Shimron Hetmyer, Darren Bravo, Keemo Paul opted out due to the current situation. The West Indies cricket board has stated that they respect the decisions taken by the three players understanding the graveness of the situation all over the world and the selection panel will not hold against the players when it comes to future squad selection.
pic: From the left Darren Bravo, Shimron Hetmyer, Keemo Paul

Two new players, Nkrumah Bonner, 31 and Chemar Holder,22 have been added to the original squad. Nkrumah Bonner is primarily a batting all-rounder who bowls leg-spin and Chemar Holder is a right-arm fast bowler. 
West Indies players and staff have decided a 50% cut from their payment to help CWI’s response against the pandemic.

West Indies Squad :

RESERVE PLAYERS :Sunil Ambris, Shanon Gabriel, Oshane Thomas, Joshua da Silva, Keon Harding, Kyle Mayers, Preston McSween, Marquino Mindleey, Shane Moseley, Anderson Phillip, Jomel Warrican.

Bowler Shanon Gabriel, who is windies one of the most trusted bowlers, is on the reserve list as he returns from an ankle operation last year and is kept in reserves due to fitness check. 

Shannon Gabriel apologizes for homophobic comment - CNN

pic: Shanon Gabriel

There is still an official announcement left from the England Cricket Board about England squad. Most probably it will be lead by Joe Root and consist of their star players like Ben Stokes, Jofra Archer, James Anderson, Stuart Broad, Moen Ali, Joe Denly.

ECB Announces Scheduled Date, Venues For Test Series Against West ...

Pic: Joe Root might lead England in the historic test




This protest started when on 25 May, 2020 George Floyd, a 46 years old African American was killed in Minneapolis, US by an police officer, Derek Chauvin. He was chocked till death in the public road of Minneapolis outside the store where he was accused of using a false note to buy something. The police arrested him and pinned him down and one of the officer kept his knees on the neck of the accused. The unfortunate

and gruesome act was witnessed by many people who were present there.  The people captured the scene on their phones. George called out many a times that “I cannot breathe” and also the people witnessing the event also told the officer to handcuff him instead of pinning him down in such way as it was chocking him. He also called out his mother before going silence. He was pinned down for about 8 minutes and 46 seconds before he died. George Floyd Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.pic: on the left George Floyd, on the right  Derek Chauvin


The death of George Floyd arouse a sense of rage amongst the people all around the world against the injustice and accusation without proof against the black people. There rose the trend or campain of #BlackLivesMatter or #BLM. This event was the triggering move that arouse the sense of anger against the  injustice that has been constantly happening against the black race all over the world for a long time. Many cases have come across about the injustice or ill treatment that the black people are facing in various aspects like job opportunities, falsely being accused of many suspicion, etc. This George Floyd event propelled many organizations and people to come out on the streets and start protesting in this corona virus pandemic. People started to protest all around the world regarding this issue that is pertaining in this so called modern society. Many people out of rage even started to loot stores and even beating the police officers. Not only people in many places police also started beating and throwing tear gas toward the peaceful protestors making the scene worse.

Peaceful Protestors, protestors
Many people countered the trend of #blacklivesmatter by raising the question why only black lives matter, there they also started the movement #alllivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter. On counter the Black Lives Matter organization who was a major organization in driving the campaign of #blacklivesmatter said that this movement does not say only black lives matter it says black lives matter, it is for the protection of the  rights that the black don’t get, although they rightfully deserve that. This protest was an inch to show or disrespect the other community or race but an attempt to preserve and justify the rights that the black deserve.Protesters Holding Signspic:people protesting on the streets 


  • One study says that innocent black people are more likely to be wrongfully convicted of crimes than innocent white people, this study proves the biased nature of people in US towards the blacks and the whites.
  • Previous year US record shows that police killed around 1000 people around which 24% were black and 49% were whites. Looking from the surface it might lookthat whites are being killed more but if you compare the population difference than you can see that 13% are black and 62% are whites and out of that 24% are killed. So if you compare the population proportion blacks are being targeted more.
  • Now seeing the fact that most people that are in the jail are black. so it may seem that black are more likely  to be the culprit but when you see the fact black people are 47% black are more wrongfully convicted than the whites. Most blacks are mostly innocent when seen in the larger proportion.
  • The salary differences that a common black people get compared to a common white is also a testiment of racism in work place. 

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